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Term Kanji Classification Meaning
Abu Hachi Torazu 虻蜂取らず Japanese Catch neither the horsefly nor the wasp
Agari あがり Japanese Nervous
Ago o dasu 顎を出す Japanese Slang: Give up / Give in
Aien kien 合縁奇縁 Japanese Predetermination / Opposites attract
Aiiro 藍色 Japanese Color: Indigo Blue
Aite no tsukuri 合手の作り Japanese To set up your opponent to your advantage
Aka Japanese Color: Red
Akuso 悪僧 Japanese Rowdy Monk, Monk with fighting skills
Amamikyo アマミキヨ Uchinaguchi Creator God of the Ryukyus
Amefuri kozō 雨降小僧 Mythology Resembles a young boy in priest attire, brings rainfall
Anagana 阿那波那 Japanese Awareness of breathing, natural breathing
Anan 安南 Kata Mountainous region in northern Vietnam
Anatta अनात्मन् Nepali Doctrine of "non-self"
Anji 按司 Uchinaguchi A feudal lord from the Ryukyu Kingdom
Ansatsu 暗殺 Japanese Assassination
Anshin 安心 Japanese Peaceful Mind
Antei 安定 Japanese Balance and Stability
Ao Japanese Color: Blue
Ashi Barai 足払い Japanese Foot Sweep / Tripped
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